The most expensive mistakes that bettors make

In the first article of this series, we introduced the first 10 most costly errors bookies. These errors, but unfortunately there are a lot more, so we have to proceed to the next article. If you are honest with themselves and realize that mistakes you do, you’ll be able to eliminate and become more successful punters.

11) Frequent changing strategy

The grass on the other side of the river is rarely greener. Many bettors too often changing their strategy and methods – is changing so quickly that it is in fact not really’ve tested. Discourage them a couple of stupid losses. It never stays in one method so long to achieve prosperity.

You must realize that the fault is not in the grass, but the gardener. If you want to have green grass, you have to devote sufficient time to caring for the lawn. In other words, if you want to be successful punters, you have to devote time to improving their betting skills and exploring the success of individual strategies. You can not condemn the strategy prematurely, but it should not be too much to cling to.

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Truth is generally such that more success achieved by focusing on one thing (strategy) than the fact that you jump from one to another.

12) Laziness

Most bettors suffer from laziness. They are not willing to study, conduct pre-game analysis and spend hours looking for ways to succeed in betting. They refuse to invest in their education. This is a huge mistake. Betting is not easy – if it were, it would have fed millions of people. If you want to return, you must first make an investment.

Unfortunately, this is wrong behavior encoded in the human mind. People are always trying to achieve something with the minimum of fuss. The problem is that the minimum of effort seldom leads to the desired result. If you are willing to work hard, you have a much higher chance of success.

13) Stupidity

Stupidity goes hand in hand with stubbornness. A large percentage of bettors is not able to admit he made a mistake. Instead of blaming bad luck. And happily for many years still make the same mistakes. Pure stupidity.

In order to improve, you need to realize their mistakes and weaknesses. Among them, subsequently instruct. Otherwise you will laugh bookmakers years. You do not want that smile on their faces disappeared?

14) Betting indiscriminately

It’s Saturday night. You invited home a few friends together to look at a football match. Eat pizza, drink beer and suddenly someone of my friends think that you could bet before kick-off … from your betting account. So sit down to the computer and you bet. Without that, to obtain detailed information about both teams, made pre-game analysis and so on. Even worse scenario is when a DUI you think you’ll get lucky and lay bets straight couple.

Bet at a time when you are drunk or bored, definitely not a good strategy. Yes, although you may one day and win, but in the long run you will end up at 100% in the red. This behavior is just a recipe for disaster.

15) Choosing the wrong bookmakers

Choosing the right bookmakers (or rather several offices) is to your success is crucial. Profit maximization is not just that you seek favorable exchange, learn and perform quality analysis. A large part of your profits can be formed bonus money from the bookmaker.

Many bookmakers say it offers a range of exciting bonuses and promotions to help you effectively build your bankroll. In addition, of course, depends on the user’s environment sázkovky, user support, supply of betting opportunities and other factors. The ideal is to have an account with more sázkovek. If you are a novice in the world of betting, do not worry – we have tested for you a wide range of sázkovek and we selected list of the best.

Special bets offers give higher profit than betting on sport

In addition to ordinary bets on sporting events offer lately bookmakers range of special bets. Bet you can, for example, on who becomes the next US president or who will win a reality TV show. The cause of this section is how differently than marketing. Bookmakers are trying to expand their scope and penetrate into the media, where they can reach a large number of people. To express, must logically extend the range of betting opportunities. Not everyone is interested in ball sports or hockey. A hardcore sports bettors, this section does not like much, but it does not mean that special bets will not allow you to earn nicely. Allow, and often easier than betting on sporting events.

When designing courses on special bets with bookies to contend with new pitfalls – these events have no history. In hockey, for example in the NHL along with the teams will meet at least three times per season, the results of the previous games can then be used as an aid in the development of the course. In contrast, the new American president is elected every four years. What does it mean? Bookmaker not available no previous history, easier to make a mistake, forget the calculation of the course include a factor or listing badly course simply because they are not oriented in the area.

If you decide to bet, therefore, a special bet in search of value, we recommend you thoroughly study the issue – information are always the most important thing. Create your own opinion and then decide whether you bet with a given course worthwhile. To create a picture of the situation can help you similar events that occurred in the past.

One of these guides in 2007 was the theory that US residents have an increasing tendency to favor minorities. The theory was proven to be true in 2008 had been the first time in US history elected black president – Barrack Obama.

If it is, for example, the elections are available clues in the form of polls of various agencies. But be careful – Results agencies may be very different and do not necessarily reflect subsequent election results. You can also search for trusted resources – such as the winners of contests and surveys often advance “leaking” through the media – but here you have to recognize any duck. In 2009, news leaked that the Nobel Prize for Literature will receive the majority of people of German origin unknown writer Herta Miller – Courses on her victory at that time ranged between 30-40ti. The vast majority sázkovek ignore this message and many bettors so Christmas was premature, as the information is proved to be true.

Interesting betting opportunities can bring some celebrities even mention about its near future (planning a wedding, birth of a child, another acting role or another music album, etc.). It is also interesting that the bookies love collide courses on options, which has the nation interest. We bet if u Czech betting that the Czech director gets Oscar, then you probably bet for undervalued exchange rate. On the contrary, the directors from other countries, the rate will be slightly larger. Such “tools” can be in the special bets to find the whole range. The vast majority of bookmakers focuses on sport, in the field of special bets, which often do not understand can make mistakes more easily – a mistake that you can use.